Life is a precious gift.  To be surviving a major illness, accident, violent criminal act, or any other dramatic event, is a true gift. Learning to celebrate and live life to the fullest allows that gift  to become most precious.  We want to help you learn to love your gift of survival and celebrate your story, then maybe you can help others.  When you can do that,  your gift (and life) gains its greatest value... it becomes priceless.

I am...

Alive & Thankful

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Available Now
Available Now
Author Lon Cole
Author Lon Cole

"It brings a fresh view to life. There are poems for those who need comfort, and poems about life in general. As the title says: You're never alone."

John M Davis

"These poems touch me with perceptive and understanding for my own worries, while inspiring hope for happiness again."

"I bought this book and love it. Many of the poems sincerely touch my heart"

Heidi Grace Kress

Lonni Donaldson


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